Release notes

Freshservice Release notes of 2022.R01L.01

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Note: All the features/enhancements below will be available on Blossom, Starter, Garden, and Growth plans on Jan 17th. For Estate, Pro, Forest, and Enterprise plans will be available on Jan 31st.



On-Call Management Beta now available in the US, AU, & EU regions
IT Operations Management

Limit the disruption caused by critical incidents and restore business operations faster with Freshservice on-call management. 

In this Beta, streamline incident management with:

  • On-call Schedules: Ensure 24X7 agent availability spanning weekdays, weekends, holidays, and even time-zones  

  • Escalation Paths: Design the order in which agents must be contacted as per the severity of an incident

  • On-Call Rotation: Distribute shift work across all team members responsible for a specific domain to ensure everybody gets to contribute, learn, and is held accountable

  • Notification channels and rules - Use popular channels of communication such as phone, SMS, and email to intimate agents and set conditions for reminding them until the incident is acknowledged

  • On-call calendar: Get a bird’s eye view of the availability of agents and the schedules they are associated with, available in both agent view, and agent group view

  • Who’s on call now? Cut through all the information to find out who’s on call at that moment using a single click

  • Export calendar: Get information on the go by exporting schedules to the device of your choice 

More details here

Note: The Beta is available to customers in the US, EU, and AU pods. Customers in the IND pod will be given access shortly. This feature is available to customers on Pro and Enterprise plans. 





Integrate Amazon EC2 easily with Freshservice Alert Management
IT Operations Management

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is now available as an out-of-the-box integration within Freshservice Alert Management module. 

Head to the “IT Operations Management” section on the Admin page and select Alert Profile. Next, select ‘Create new integration’ to see the list of pre-configured integrations that includes Amazon EC2. 

More details here



Asset Family List Attribute
IT Service Management

We have added a new attribute called Asset Family List. This field will help the users to retrieve all the assets of the specified type as well as its child types. 

Note: This feature will be available to all plans from 20th Jan.


New Metrics in Analytics
IT Service Management

  • We have added two new metrics in the tickets module: 

    • received tickets

    • resolved tickets

  • Four new SLA metrics in the tickets module: 

    • Resolution SLA violated tickets

    • First response SLA violated tickets

    • Tickets within first response SLA

    • Tickets within resolution SLA 

Using these metrics users can easily analyze the percentage of tickets that violated SLA, for a given time period.

Now easily extract and analyze all these metrics instead of deriving these numbers by applying filters.

Note: This feature will be available to all plans from 20th Jan.



Reporting on Associated Asset
Category: IT Service Management 

Users can now generate reports on tickets, problems, changes, and releases with association from the assets module. This helps in having a drilled-down view based on the assets and their properties.


Percentage Change and Trend for a Set of Metrics
Category: IT Service Management 

Users can now quickly and easily analyze metric trends over a given time period. For all numeric metrics (with few exceptions), specified for a given time period, users can now see the percentage change in the metrics between the two consecutive time periods (current and past) just below the metric value. Along with the percent change, we are also adding the trend icon with red indicating negative change and green indicating the positive change.

More details here


  • Percentage change and the trend will be available only for a few metrics. 

  • This feature will be available to all plans from 20th Jan.

Edit Change Requests
Category: IT Service Management 

Requesters can now edit and modify the fields in their change requests even after they have submitted a request. This will enable users to incorporate any modifications to change properties throughout change requests’ life span.

Description for Reports and Widgets
Category: IT Service Management 

Make your reports easily manageable and simple to understand by others by adding descriptions. Users can now add a short description to their reports and widgets. This description will be shown below the widget and reports title on the home page and will also be part of the exported file(s).

Note: This feature will be available to all plans from 31st Jan.


Quick Filters and Group-bys for Widgets
Category: IT Service Management 

Quickly and easily deep-dive into your data using the new interactive filters in widgets. Convert your normal filters and group-by options into interactive options in widgets and easily filter and deep-dive a particular widget while viewing the report. 

More details here


  • Interactive filters are just for viewing purposes. Any change in the report, based on using interactive filters, cannot be saved or downloaded.

  • This feature will be available to all plans from 31st Jan.


Interactive Filters as Widgets
Category: IT Service Management 

Enhance and dig deeper into the metrics using interactive filters. Users can now add filters as widgets in the reports. These filter widgets can be applied to all the widgets that are part of the report.

More details here


  • Any change in the report due to the use of interactive filters as widgets, cannot be saved or downloaded.

  • This feature will be available to all plans from 31st Jan.


Export Option in Change Advisory Board (CAB)
Category: IT Service Management 

Admins can now easily access all the information related to CAB in their email. We are introducing export options in CAB using which logged-in users can get all the information on CAB names, member names as well as date when the member was added, in their email.

Support for Content Field in Change
Category: IT Service Management 

The Read-only, rich text field option is available in Change forms that can be used for housing links, help text, section headers, and much more.


Export Options for Departments
Category: IT Service Management 

Introducing the export option which will enable admins to get the CSV export of all departments/companies in the account to their email.



Improve User Experience with Form Field Support
Category: IT Service Management 

We have enhanced the form experience for requesters on MS Teams and Slack. Servicebot ticket form now supports 20 input fields on MS Teams and Slack.

More details here

Introducing the Ability to Find Users in Self Service Portal
Category: IT Service Management 

Requesters can now search other users by name while adding people in the cc field for the ticket from the self-service portal V2. Admins can limit this functionality to search for only users from the same department as the logged-in user.

Note: This feature will be available to all plans from 11th Feb.

Cascading Values for Dropdown Fields
Category: IT Service Management 

We now support cascading values of dropdown fields (utilizing a data source) in self-service portal V2 with the same field name from parent to child items for bundled service items.


Support for Dynamic Sections in Employee Onboarding
Category: Enterprise Service Management

With the support of dynamic sections within employee onboarding forms, admins can add dynamic sections and create custom forms where child fields change based on the input to a parent custom dropdown field. This feature empowers the admins to show only the relevant fields to the stakeholder filling the form and collecting the correct information needed for fulfillment. More details here.



Status fields for child tickets in Employee Onboarding
Enterprise Service Management 

Admins can now choose the status of the child ticket that is created within an employee onboarding parent ticket.

Tag and Asset Association Action in Business Rules
Category: Workflows/Automation

Configure business rules to mandate/enable/disable/hide/show tags and associated assets for tickets.



Sanitize HTML content using sanitize_html Liquid Placeholder

Use the sanitize_html liquid filter to treat HTML placeholders so that they can be used within the body of an API request without an invalid JSON error being thrown. More details here

Orchestration Center Updates
Category: Workflows/Automation

New apps added to Orchestration center:

  • Freshdesk Contact Center: Manage teams and users in Freshdesk Contact Center using the orchestration app in Workflow Automator. More details here.

  • MS Onedrive: Invoke operations like file, folder, and permission management on Microsoft OneDrive via the Workflow Automator. More details here.

  • Password Generator:  Create stronger passwords automatically in workflows based on the parameters.More details here

Orchestration App Enhancements:

  • Google Cloud Storage - Upload attachments with shared drive support in workflows using the Google Cloud Storage Orchestration app. More details here
  • AWS EC2-  Modify Instance Attribute with resizing instance option support in AWS EC2 orchestration app. More details here
  • Gsuite-  Perform mobile device, calendar access control, app-specific management actions in the Gsuite Orchestration app. More details here
  • MS Teams - Added attribute team_id in response of the Create Team action. More details here.


Sample Workflows and Service items for Orchestration Apps

Get sample workflows and service items seeded into your instances for reference while installing or updating the below Orchestration apps.

  • Okta

  • Azure AD

  • Slack

  • AWS EC2

  • MS Teams 

  • MS Active Directory

  • Google Calendar

  • AWS Lambda

  • Zoom


Discover Software Running on Virtual Machines (supported for cloud discovery integrations)
Category: IT Asset Management

Install Discovery Agents (Windows and Linux) on your virtual machines to discover software running on them for the supported cloud discovery integrations on the marketplace.



Enhanced security for Discovery Probe and Discovery Agent
IT Asset Management

We have now enabled checksum Verification during Auto Update for Discovery Probe and Discovery Agent (Windows, Linux, Mac) for enhanced security.

The updated versions that will be rolled out are:

  • Discovery Probe : 4.10.0

  • Windows Agent : 2.11.0

  • Mac Agent : 4.2.0

  • Linux Agent : 3.3.0


New asset activities experience

View your asset activities in the new user experience which will capture:

  • Relationship activities: Historic data will be available for this from the date of account creation. 

  • Software installation activities: This data will be captured and displayed going forward. 

Note: This will be rolled out in phases from January 31st, 2022. If you started using Freshservice post-September 2020 you will already see this version. You can also view software installation activities going forward.

Old version:


New version:


We currently have PagerDuty for “On Call Management” but this seems to replace all functionality, anything I’m missing? 

Really hope you choose to split the High and Urgent alert categories. Right now they’re merged for some reason…..



We are using OpsGenie to manage schedules, a couple of things jump out immediately (I appreciate FS Scheduler is beta)

  • As already mentioned, High/Urgent are merged - we only want to trigger on Urgent
  • There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to override an Agent for say sick or Annual leave
  • The longest alert time appears to max out at 30 mins

Really glad scheduler is in FS now, I am looking forward to seeing if we can get this to work well enough that I can drop the OpsGenie contract.

Am I the only one seeing missing font icons everywhere after this update and getting errors because of CORS and a custom domain?

Hi @Krod if this issue still persists please raise a ticket on Adding screenshots will be super helpful. Thanks

@Vishal Nema  My Admin portal does not even have the IT Operations Management section at all. We are on the Growth plan. How to I get that to show?


Hey @sean.groomes and @steve.calder-macphee, we are in the process of separating High and Urgent alert categories.

And @steve.calder-macphee, we are also increasing the alert interval beyond 30 minutes.

Appreciate your feedback so do keep it coming!  

Hey @ppat this feature is currently available to Pro and Enterprise plans. 

Thanks @bcomrie ! Do try out the feature and share your feedback to help us close all gaps. 

Any word on a native Dark Mode for FreshService? It’s been two years since a member of the Fresh team said that it was ready and nothing was heard anymore.

marcos jorge de carvalho

Can someone provide an example of this? I couldn’t find it.


Asset Family List Attribute
IT Service Management

We have added a new attribute called Asset Family List. This field will help the users to retrieve all the assets of the specified type as well as its child types. 

I do not see any of the changes in my environment yet and they just released notes for Feb.


How can I add the Description ticket field information to the ticket body (Widget)?


get along with it


replying to myself that you All can proceed