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Freshservice On-Call Management is now available for Beta tryouts to select customers in US and AU pods! EU and APAC will closely follow next, by November 20. Interested in trying it out? Fill out this form right away!

Freshservice On-Call Management prevents service outages by enabling IT teams to immediately respond to critical incidents by kickstarting collaboration between IT and DevOps teams. It allows them to configure agent availability schedules and specify escalation policies/channels to accelerate incident response and resolution.

Hi Team!

Is this feature also going to support other features in order to aid Incident Mangement teams? I’m thinking of a custom incident notification workflow to always address the on-call contact with teams, slack, SMS and other channels also as a pre-defined recipient and/or placeholder in an API-call or orchestration app.

Thanks in advance!


Hey Alefre,

Yes, this feature includes pre-defined escalation paths and notifications through SMS, phone, and email. Slack and MS teams are on the roadmap for 2022.

Do check out this blog post for more details :)  




Is there or will there be any API integration for the On-Call module ?

Specifically I’d really like to be able to pull the who-is-oncall in real time.






Will there be any sort of override functionality implement for situations like various types of leave that would impact the schedule?