June 2020

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Improve your customer engagement with personalized conversations using placeholders. With placeholders you can use attributes to personalize your conversations,

  • Basic user properties - your customer details (Eg: Customer First Name)
  • Agent properties - your agent details(Eg: Agent Full Name)
  • Custom user properties - custom data you add to Freshchat about your users (Eg: Customer order ID

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LINE Integration

You can now integrate LINE Messenger with your Freshchat account and engage your customers on one of the everyday messaging apps that they use. 

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Meetings (iOS, Android, React Native SDKs) 

Meetings feature is now supported in Mobile SDKs. You can share your schedule and customers and prospects can book meetings from within your app. 


Placeholders for Advanced Automations

Advanced Automations now has a special set of placeholders that you can use only with it.

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Multilingual Custom Flows

Your DIY bot builder can now be localized in up to 35 global languages. 

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IntelliAssign Round-robin

IntelliAssign now has a new logic for assignment - round-robin. Round-robin logic auto-assigns conversation to an agent-based on who hasn’t been assigned a conversation for the longest period of time and their active conversation limit availability.

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