Launching the All-new Knowledge Base

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Hello everyone,

We're super excited to launch the all-new Knowledge Base in Freshdesk. It is packed with a bunch of improvements that will make content creation and content management a breeze. Let's find out what's new:

Refreshing new UI
A complete redesign of the Knowledge Base to make it intuitive, seamless, user-friendly and powerful.

Better manageability
Manage the entire Knowledge Base right from changing the settings of categories/folders/articles or reordering them based on your needs - all from within a single page.

Quick views
With the extensive article list page, it's quick and easy to access all your articles or draft or published - all in one single page. On top of it, you can customize the table and choose the required columns based on your needs - make it personalized.

Focussed content workspace
Remove the clutter with content from different portals. The Knowledge Base of each portal gets its own space and makes it pretty easy to manage them.  

Improved article creation experience
A simple interface to create articles makes it a breeze for content writers and the additional meta information gets its own space on the right pane.

Note: This version doesn't include Multilingual Knowledge Base yet as we are making some interesting improvements on it as well. You should hear more about it in the coming weeks. Please follow this space for more updates. 

Update: Multilingual support for the new Knowledge Base is available now, read more about it here.

If you'd like to get early access to the new Knowledge Base, please drop a comment below. 

- Sajesh

Hi, we’d love to try this! Please can you enable this on our account?

Thank you.

Hi, we would love to try this in our account. Please enable for us. Thank you!

Please enable on my account.

Has the security been redone to limit articles etc by Agent Group too?

I'd love to try this out as well!

Please activate it on my account. Thank you

We would like to try/test this out - please could you enable it on our account.

Yes, we would like access.  Thx.

Yes please, enable for my account! Thanks!!

Please enable this for my account1

Please activate for our account - many thanks

Please activate for ClickHome account.

Thanks in advance!

Please enable this for my account, thanks

I'd love this! Can you please enable it on my account. Thank you!!

Please activate for our account - many thanks!

Please activate for our account! Thanks


Please enable it on our account. Thank you!



Yes please.

Please activate for our account. Thanks!

It would be great if we can SEO the home page of the customer support portal (i.e meta title and meta description).

Hello there, 

Amazing feature. 

Please could you enable the beta on following instances:





Please enable this for our account

Looks interesting. Could you please enable this for our account. Thanks. 

Please activate our account

Thanks for the amazing response and interest for the new Knowledge Base. Based on your request, we have enabled it in your accounts (except the ones with Multilingual).

I'd love to hear your feedback after you try it out :)

P.S. Still don't see it, try doing a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5 or Cmd+Shift+R) in your browser or leave a comment below. 

Thanks for that Sajesh...

however, there is an immediate problem -- the "Experience the all new Knowledge Base" popup won't close down... and now won't allow access to the Solutions section