Multilingual Freddy Answers and Custom flows are here!

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Freddy Answers: 

Freddy can now understand and respond to your customer queries in 7 lanugages - English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. 

Your primary language can be the most common language understood and spoken by your customers, e.g., English. Your secondary languages can be the non-English speaking geo’s your business caters to, e.g., if your business serves the EU market, you can add one of the EU languages. 

Find more about Multilingual Freddy Answers here 

Custom Flows:

Your DIY bot builder can now be localized in up to 35 global languages. You can create a localized bot flow for your customers by following these steps. With multilingual chatbots, go global while remaining personal.   The language your bot will speak is determined based on certain conditions set up by your customers or by you. 

Find more about Multilingual Custom Flows

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