Release Notes - 2 June 2020

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  • Service Bot for Slack: With the ServiceBot on Slack, agents can receive notifications when tickets are assigned to their group, make updates to ticket properties and even collaborate with their teammates on tickets, right from Slack. More info here.

  • Software Contracts: Introducing the ability to add line items in Software Contracts

Software contracts, particularly SaaS contracts, can have additional conditions and attributes related to Implementation/support cost on top of the licensing costs.

Even in licensing, there can be many items such as user limits and usage limits. To support capturing more details in software contracts, we have introduced the option to add multiple line items in a contract. More info on this here.

  • Contract management: The contract list can now be sorted.

  • Request for Change:  Business users can now request a change request from within the portal, reply to the request, track and be notified each time an action is performed on the change. More info here.


  • Knowledge base 2.0: You can now set up an approval process within your knowledge base. This feature will allow you to assign selected agents as approvers to specific folders and solution articles written by other agents will only get published upon their approval.  More info here.

  • You can now include the author to external articles within the solutions tab.

  • Agents can now copy the URL of a published solution article using the button present on the top right corner of the article details page.


  • Forget Requester API V2: Users can now use the Forget Requester API V2 to permanently delete a requester and the tickets that they requested. More info here.


  • Tasks API V2: Users can now perform various operations with Tasks API V2 for tickets. More info here.
  • Users can now perform various operations with Tasks API V2 for changes. More info here.
  • Users can now perform various operations with Tasks API V2 for releases. More info here.


  • Freshrelease Integration: Agents can now create or associate Freshrelease Projects right within Freshservice for tickets, problems and changes.


  • Workflow Automator: A text field can now include the “has any of the words/ has none of these words” condition in the workflow automator.

  • Users can now add the “Does not include” condition for Requested items and Service category items.

  • Users can now run automations on all Tickets,Problems,Changes and Releases that are created or updated via webhook. 

  • You can now include the “From email” address for a send approval action in the automator.

  • Members & Observers: We’ve now added the “Send Group Notifications  to Observers” toggle. This will allow users to enable/ disable all notifications for tickets/ tasks assigned to the group.

  • Tickets: Agents can now configure “Last Modified Date” of a Ticket in the Table view.

  • You can now manually enter the date and time fields for all ticket forms.

  • Service Catalog: Users can now look-up “Departments” and “All Users”, i.e., a consolidated list of both Agents and Requesters in a  Service Item form.

  • Asset View Page: The asset description field now has a rich text editor and supports adding formatting to the description and can include clickable links.

  • CAB meeting: Users can now filter changes based on the “Include/ Does not include” conditions.



  • Tickets: Fixed an issue where users were unable to add attachments while raising tickets without logging in.

  •  Fixed an issue where users were unable to add tags to their tickets.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to add a table to the description while editing the ticket form.

  • Marketplace: Fixed an issue where users were unable to access marketplace apps when the language was set to Japanese.

  • Sandbox: Fixed an issue where users were unable to create a Sandbox account

  • Assets: Fixed an issue where users were unable to view detailed asset  information in a new tab.


  • Helpdesk Security: Fixed an issue where users were unable to submit SSL requests


  • Email: Fixed an issue where CC'd users receive no email notification whenever a public note was added to the ticket.  

  • Fixed an issue where the email signature didn’t retain the optimal size.


  • Integrations: Fixed an issue where users were unable to select an assignee in the Jira integration.


  • Workflow automator: Fixed an issue in ticket automator when “Send email to” field threw an error.

  •  Fixed an issue where the workflow automations didn’t trigger once a service request was approved/ rejected.


  • Translation: Fixed an issue when some of department/ company fields weren’t translated when the default language was set to French.


  • Vendor fields: Fixed an issue in the vendor fields where address 2 field was always duplicated whenever the vendor entry was updated from the UI.


  • Knowledge Base 2.0: Fixed an issue where published articles where moved to draft when the feedback was submitted by the  customer 


  • Ticket Export: Fixed an issue where the special characters added to the ticket description weren’t exported.


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