Service Health Monitoring now in GA ⚡

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Service Health Monitoring now in GA ⚡

It's time to upgrade to Service Oriented Operations with Service Health Monitoring – now generally available. Discover the ‘what’ of a service to decode ‘how’ to fix it best, to provide high quality services to your end users. Explore functionalities including:

  • Relationships: Map all assets powering a service
  • Associations: Check the top five alerts and incidents associated with the service.
  • Alert configurations: Access the monitoring tools generating the alerts that define the state of the service
  • Activities: Get a timeline view of the progression of events related to the service
  • On-call details: Check the on-call agent group associated with the service
  • Potential services: Suggestions made by the tool after evaluating alerts
  • Service Map: A visual representation of interdependent services

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