Unstoppable spam via email

  • 8 August 2019
  • 2 replies

Hello, i've received ~75,000 tickets created via email channel.

I've created dispatcher to autodelete them, but it's annoying way. My ticket id now starts with almost 100k. I changed email in settings but I STILL RECEIVE TONS OF TICKETS.

When i list tickets - page has autoupdate via ajax, so even with dispatcher it always shows me "1234 new tickets", when i press to this button to update the page - it shows nothing cuz they marked as spam and deleted.

CAN I BLOCK ticket creation by email and allow only reply to exiting tickets? Not strange ways like dispatcher, but simple checkbox with autoreject emails. 

Why you do not have this feature? It's very strange as strange how flooder always knows what address he should flood.

2 replies

Hello Petr. Sorry to hear about this.

This forum is however for developers facing issues with apps they build for Freshworks. You are not likely to get help with this question here. Could I request you to raise this with support@freshdesk.com and I am sure someone will guide you with how to address this.



I heve the same issue, I have raised a lot of request to support@freshdesk.com without any answer

Hope that someone can help my company