Ask any sales rep you know.

  • 1 September 2021
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Ask any sales rep you know.
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Qualifying is one of the most challenging tasks because from there, the prospect snowballs into a customer. But to qualify, what kind of questions do you ask the prospect, to help them recognize their need? We line up some for you:

1. “What is your budget?”
This question assesses if it is possible for the lead purchase for you. If they don’t have the budget, you can inquire when they are likely to have.

2. “What are the decision-making and sign-off processes in your organization?”
This helps you understand if you are talking to the right person who calls the shots in the organization, and assess how long the buying process is likely to take.

3. “How are you presently handling this challenge? What do you expect differently from us?”
This gives you clarity on their expectations from you and helps you decide if your product/service will actually help them address their challenges.

4. “What does your timeline look like? By when do you need this solution implemented?”

Hope these help. What questions have worked for you? Share it us the community!

1 reply


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