Capabilities of Sales Automation

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Sales automation is achieved through a CRM tool in an organization, which helps attract, track, nurture and close leads. This tool usually comes with powerful automation capabilities that help perform tasks with little to no human effort. 

Here are five stand-out capabilities of sales automation software:

  • Automatic data logging – Activities such as logging emails and phone calls are automatically done and are available to be viewed by sales managers for their reference. 
  • Surefire data capture – Your prospects can enter your CRM through various ways, such as visiting your website, responding to emails or chat, or signing up for your products. 
  • Break-free communication – Sales sequences and emails are automated and can be sent at predetermined intervals. 
  • Effortless lead management – Sales managers can automatically assign leads based on territory or custom rules, reducing the time taken to do this individually. This improves productivity and improves lead response time. 
  • Artificial intelligence with deep-level insights – A sales automation software provides actionable insights such as ready-to-close deals, detecting if your contact is out-of-office, chances of deal closure, and more so that sales reps have extra guidance in taking deals forward and ensuring that tasks get completed. 

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