How can a real estate software help you get more clients?

  • 2 September 2021
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How can a real estate software help you get more clients?
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1) Send targeted emails

You need to send targeted emails to existing customers, contacts, and prospective ones that visit your website. This allows you to get in touch with them at just the right time and understand their requirements better.

2) Mobile version of the software

Real estate agents are on the move most of the time, and a mobile version of the real estate sales software can help them schedule meetings, take notes, update contacts, and stay on top of tasks without having to rely on a desktop computer.

3) Ability to instantly engage with prospects

Your agents need the functionality to immediately engage with prospects through live chat or get in touch with them directly through a built-in phone.

4) Automate daily tasks

The real estate sales software has to automate everyday tasks like emails and follow-ups, sending invoices, and updating records.

5) Manage transactions

The real estate sales software should also have a visual pipeline to help agents manage transactions, get actionable insights such as sales forecasts, and information about which one is likely to close and not.

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1 reply

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