Locked out of 2 paid services, cannot get a local phone number and no help from support.

  • 23 February 2021
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It has been 8 days since we had issues with accessing Freshdesk and Freshservice. It has been 5 days since we last heard from anyone and now over 24 hrs since we proposed some form of solution. We requested how to get a local number for Freshcaller since it says to contact support to get a local number in our area and it has been 8 days since the ticket was submitted and no response at all.

Support is terrible. They respond really slowly and when they do respond it seems like they haven’t read any of the tickets and tell us something like "Just login to Fresdesk and do X” or “login to Freshservice and do Y” even though the literal title of the tickets state that we cannot access the services at all.

It’s a shame really because they are very friendly when they do respond.

Freshworks offers everything we needed in one place and one could say it was too good to be true. The services we have tried all work as expected and the products seem really well developed.

But at this point we are currently paying for services we cannot use. I am just glad that we were just in the setup stage and hadn’t been using the services wholeheartedly otherwise I couldn’t imagine being locked out of all services and not being able to respond to our customers tickets. I really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone!


We are going to be left with no choice but to reverse all charges for all 5 products we have paid annual subscriptions for so we can move on from Freshworks services. Which once again, is a real shame!

4 replies

UPDATE: Have gotten a response for the Freshservice ticket. Apparently it has gone to the engineering team. Hopefully they can come up with a solution.

UPDATE: Have gotten a response for the Freshdesk issue. The issue has been passed on to the backend team. Hopefully they can come up with a solution.

UPDATE: Got a local number purchased today with help from phone support. Freshservice phone support got us back into our account at least, just now waiting on migration of the account so we can add it back to our organization account. Now for Freshdesk to be sorted and we are ready to start actually using the services! Phone support was very friendly and stayed on the phone until it was resolved. Definitely starting to revive are hopes in good support. Thanks Ethiraj!

Hello Dom, 


We’re really sorry that we couldn’t get back to you with solutions much sooner. We’re constantly working to improve the experience we provide to our customers and we totally hear your feedback! 


However, we really appreciate you taking an effort to post an update here once you got the issues addressed. We hope you continue to enjoy using all our products and stay Customer-for-life :)