Emails from third party with email of requester in the body

Not sure if anyone can help me with this. Its not really a feature I would expect freshdesk to accommodate but maybe there is a way round my problem using a web macro, filter or tool of some sort.


Some emails we receive are from advertising portals we pay money to advertise on. E.g. we sell houses so we recieve emails from


The emails we receive from say they are from and so a new ticket is in the name of, although in the body of the email we recieve th actual reqester's name, details and details of their request


Is there any sort of tool which would receive an email, extract the email address and name of the requester from the body of the email and then resend this to freshdesk so the name and requester is correct?

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Updating this thread for the benefit of wider audience. You can set the option to create tickets based on the Reply To address instead of the From address in the email. 

Here's the screenshot of the setting available under Admin -> Email section : 



Could you please elaborate on that?

If I have a system that opens tickets from and specifies REPLY then the requester will be ?

Which methods can I use to do that? Is this supported with email commands ?

Thank you.

Hi Guys

We addressed this with the REPLY TO Header

If its possible for you to change the FORM EMail Address to be with noreply@ then, we will automatically skip this Email and look for the REPLY TO header, which will reflect to the USERs Email Address.

This is a really crucial issue for us too, since maybe half of the emails that we would like to process as tickets arrive from web forms from a single address, with the sender details in the body of the text.

A possible solution for us would be to slightly adapt and expand the Email Commands feature, so that emails from pre-defined addresses can contain an Email Command even in the email that creates a new ticket. Then all that would be needed is:

  • for Freshdesk to add another couple of email commands to set the identity (name and email address) of the ticket holder (customer) and
  • for us to adjust the text of the web form to include the necessary Email Command data in the correct format (which for us is not a problem since the web forms are our own).

I can't get started with Freshdesk until this issue is resolved.


Hi Tommy

Usually, when the request is forwarded by an Agent into Freshdesk, we will capture the original "From Address" from Forwarded Email. 


Although, you can EDIT the Ticket (Gear Icon) and change the requester info manually, or you can Add CC or BCC that original requester, it would be a manual work. 


Let me see if we can bring out a solution for this and I will keep you updated on this.




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