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An excellent integration that could be done using a Webhook would be to trigger when a ticket is created, if the status is urgent, we could post via HTTP to PagerDuty, to automatically wake someone up. Currently we do this through email, but that's not quite as efficient. 

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for raising this.

We have discussed internally about using Webhooks and we will surely take this up for integration. We will see How we can implement this in Freshdesk and surely keep you posted.



I would like this for customer portal as well, in particular new forum topics and new comments on existing forum topics.
Hi Vijay!  Any idea when this might be available?  We'd love to utilize Webhooks w/ Assembla to push and pull ticket data back and forth between freshdesk & Assembla.
Can you give us an update on the status of this planned feature?  Thanks!
I really need this too as I am using HipChat and would like notifications to be sent into HipChat.
Really wanting this so I can add webhooks to my freshdesk zapier app, so I can setup freshdesk -> pushover, and freshdesk -> telapi integrations with zapier. More info here: https://zapier.com/support/questions/91/freshdesk-support/

Considering the last response was Feb 10, it seems Freshdesk has died and gone to heaven. Is Freshdesk still alive?
Hi Benjamin

We're very much alive and pushing feature :)

I accept, Webhooks has taken a backlog, since we started some major feature releases - Even today we launched Gamification in Freshdesk.

Webhooks is still in plan but I have no ETA for this, but I am also following Zapier forums and saw your posts. I will raise this with my PM and get back to you

What's the status on this? Would love to be able to do some things with HipChat that we were doing previously.

Vijay...can you post an update on this feature?  The last one was in September of 2012.

Just an update, we are gathering requirements for this right now and plan to start development sometime this month. We will be able to give you a timeline on this in a couple of weeks.

While your in design on this... Would be cool if it'd be possible to have the webhook be able to set ticket properties based on the return code.

I'm guessing you're planning on just hitting a url passing various info to the 3rd party system...  (rather then letting people upload code which can do stuff...).

What might be neat is for you to define a JSON Response format and people could return information appropriately that would affect the ticket.

My application would be to push a comment to a case in sugarcrm whenever a ticket is updated. What i'd like to be able to do be able to lookup the Account associated with the contact (by email address) perform some logic like: what type of support package does this customer have... then have it assign a priority.. For example if the service responded.

{ "Priority" : "high" }

Then, it'd set the ticket priority to high.  I suppose if one has the ability to customize the response... they could probably also just have the remote system connect to the FreshDesk API and set the priority instead... 

Probably the ideal method would be to allow user to extend dispatch'r rules to add custom logic for processing webhooks.  

Any update on this. Really keen to see the ability to integrate via Zapier. 

Do you guys have any plans to create Zaps or are you assuming that the community will pick up the integrations.

I'd love this feature too. We're contemplating creating tickets automatically for certain events that happen in our web app. It would be great if FreshDesk could complete the loop by notifying our web app when the ticket is changed. This sort of behavior could be hacked together with Supervisor rules and something like cloudmailin, but a native solution would be much cleaner.

Hi Guys

We are working on a feature, that is a pre-requisite for Webhooks. 

It will be out by next week or so, once this comes out,implementing Webhooks will be easier and can be done in 4-6 weeks

Kindly bear with us on this