Search function in forums does not work at all

I searched for "paste" and found nothing. The word paste is the 2nd item on the page!

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I'm having the same problem. I've created several pieces of test content but none of them appear in the search results. What gives?

 I have the same issue but It also does not search solutions

Hi Guys

2 more weeks and we will be moving to Elastic Search for real-time and better search

Please bear with us

Sorry for the trouble


I'm having the same problem. When is Elastic Search for real-time and better search coming?

@Vijay, will the implementation of Elastic Search allow for a better-level of granularity inside of the agent interface as well?

Meaning, we might want to look for a key word that is within a ticket, but then use other commands to filter the list down further to find what we're looking for. 

If we try a compound search with two words, the system does not seem to treat that as looking for tickets that contains both values, but it finds tickets that contain EITHER word. The resulting list is really long and hard to navigate through (read fairly useless). Also, because there is no way to sort the result-set, or filter it down further, it's impossible to find what we're looking for.

In a perfect world, it would be great to be able to use one of the Views to filter down by Ticket filters, then within that result set, search for a word, phrase (with quotes), or multiple words. I think this would be the cleanest and easiest implementation.

Any thoughts here @Vijay?

Another set of filters could be document type, like you have here on the support forum:


Hello Team RTD,

Thank you for writing to us in our Forums.

Yes. When the Elastic search is here, all these issues will be solved once and for all. 

A compound search will get the system to look for tickets that contains BOTH the words and not like how it is handled currently. 

Also, there wouldn't be any delay in indexing as Elastic search is real-time based. 

We have a whole lot of such amazing features and enhancements coming up so please bear with us until we push it out.  

If you ask me when, I do not have a super solid ETA, but we are expecting it very soon :)

Thank you all for your suggestions and support. Please keep it coming!



Im guessing that the Elastic search has not been implemented as yet as we also have this issue.


We have implemented the Elastic search for our portal and now trying to improve upon it for optimal performance. We do not want to release it until we are satisfied with the results. So I guess it will take a little while more to push it out live for all of you. 

Thank you for your patience and keep writing to us.


Annapoorna, could you explain what Elastic search is? I thought it was a feature that allows for "real-time" searching, but this issue even affects posts that are even days old and should have been indexed in any normal search already?


I was told "it will be fixed in two weeks". As of today, it's been three months. Still no fix.


Are you guys hiring? In my job, I have to actually promise what I deliver. I'd love to have a job like yours where I can just let tickets sit unresolved for three months!


Elastic Search is currently in Testing in our, mainly for Production Testing.

We will be enabling this for Customer accounts in batch by batch in the next few weeks time.

By this month end, we will be starting the roll-out.

I agree we did have some issues last week with our Search params, but we've fixed them and reduced the indexing time, but still we are working to ensure that indexing happens quickly



Glad you will be rolling it out. How will I know when you've rolled it out to my company? Let me guess, two weeks?

Hi Guys

All the accounts created after April 21 will have Elastic Search enabled.

If you wish to test this in your account, do let us know your Support portals, so we can enable this for you, one by one.