need a logo in my signature

How may I add my compagny logo in my signature?
Am I wrong?  I did not see this possibility.


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Hi Fabrice,

We will bring this feature soon.

I see there is the option to add an image url, but this is not very useful to us as our company logo needs to hyperlink to various places. 
Is there an ETA on this?
Hi Guys

This is available now. Just drag and drop your Logo and it will be used in signature. Ensure that the image is a Public Image.

This is not working for me.
Dragging an image into the signature field just opens the image in the browser.

Is there going to be a way to add hyperlinks to the logo's?
Hi Guys

Drag/Drop might be a little tricky, but I got it to work, just get your image from Google image search or so, open it in a new browser tab, right click and select COPY IMAGE and just paste it and it should work

We will enable HTML on logo soon


Hi, I am unable to add a logo freshdesk signature profile. Please assist. I have tried the steps provided above by Vijay Shankar and still doesn't work.

Thanks in advance

Hey Fernandez, 

I am trying to convert your post as a ticket so that I can better assist you but seems like your email address is not available. 

Can you please write to regarding this so that I can sort it out for you sooner?


Any word on when we can edit the HTML of a signature? My signature is more complex so I need access to an HTML editor. 

Mathias - I tried copying/pasting my signature but Freshdesk reformatted the text and made the signature totally not compliant with our signature policy.  I add my questions about a better WYSIWYG or HTML editor for signatures please!

any news on html signatures?

Is there any change in status as to adding a graphic to the agent signature?

Hello there,

Happy to report that you can embed a logo in your Agent Reply template (Admin->Email Notifications -> Reply Templates -> Agent Reply template.

I'll look into HTML signatures and post back on the thread..



Will this feature also be added for the signatures in the agents profiles?

Hello, is it possible to add a specific Logo for every Product?

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