need a logo in my signature

How may I add my compagny logo in my signature?
Am I wrong?  I did not see this possibility.


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@Giuseppe: If you are referring to the email signature from the agents, it's as far as I know unfortunately not possible to do it out of the box, but with a custom app you can.

Thank you @Marcus, do you have more information about this App?

@Giuseppe: a custom app means an app that is custom made for you, i.e. not a general app on the Market Place.

I know that there was an old plugin available that did this, so it's definitely possible to do.

Email me on if you need help to develop a custom app.

If your account still supports the older freshplugs ( instead of the newer SDK apps ) then the app in is a starting point. As it is it changes some text in the signature, based on the selected Group.




Freshdesk supports copy-paste of publicly available images in the agent signature section and also provides you an option to import images.


How do i add a logo on my email signature 


Have you tried making use of the Marketplace apps for this?

Signature Management can store multiple signatures which are added to the reply editor.

Signature Management Plus can store multiple signatures which can be used based on the group or the product assigned to a ticket which the agent can choose.

Dynamic Support/Group based Signature app can add signatures (with placeholders) based on the support email or the group to which the ticket is assigned to.

Hope this was helpful :)

None of the above Marketplace apps allow for direct embedding of non-permalinked images or HTML. 

This needs to be an option, we have several logos for different aspects of our business, all which link to different pages. 

Has there (hopefully) been progress on this request in the last 11 months since the above reply?

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