Feedback widget incorrectly displayed on IE10

When you use the feedback widget on a website viewed in IE10 (Windows 8 standard browser) it is horizontally rotated instead of vertically which is incorrect.   Would you be able to fix this?

Also, using the widget on the right hand side does not display correctly in IE10 either.



Can we please fix this issue??? Here's a screenshot... okay. It won't let me attach a png file... Another issue I guess...

Hey Andy,

I have notified our team about this issue and they will be fixing it soon. Thanks for writing to us here. 

Daniel, Are you facing the same issue as Andy?

I am also having a problem with this

please check the screenshot to see the bug.

I hope this will get fixed for we are on live already.


(62.1 KB)

I am also having this problem; is there a fix by now?


Sorry that we have missed to update this thread for a very long time. Since then, we had modified the layout of the feedback widget and it is displayed as expected when loaded on IE10.


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