Ticket is missing Body text (But not subject)


I have a ticket which is created by an external system emailing Freshdesk. The subject appears but the body is always blank (Its not an error on the email).

Whats really odd though is when you hover over the ticket in the List view, and it gives a preview of the ticket, it shows it! So it does know what it says, it just hasnt shown it when you click on the ticket.

Any idea as to what would be casuing this?

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Hello Stuart,

Thank you for writing to us in our Forums.

Can you please fill me in with more details regarding this particular ticket, like the ticket number and requestor email? This should be a bug and we will definitely fix this one ASAP for you. 

Looking forward to your reply.




the ticket number is number 28 in my system but 26 is also another example of this.


Hello Stuart,

Our development team is taking a look at this right now. Will update as soon as we have a fix for you. 



Hi Annapoorna, any progress on this?

Hey Stuart,

I have raised a ticket on your behalf regarding this issue so that our team can help you out better. 

Sorry for the delay.



we're having exactly the same problem in some of our tickets. Is there any solution?

Best regards,


Hi Guys

We found this issue and have fixed it now.

If possible for affected tickets, can you copy the contents from your Support mailbox and Add it to the Ticket !

We've ensured this issue doesn't occur again

Sorry for the trouble caused