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The new site design is a step forward in some regards, however there is a serious issue with large support sites. The home page displays too much information now - it includes all categories, all groups and the first 5 articles from each group. Before it just presented the categories and groups. As a result there is too much information presented. You can see the result here: (at least as of March 20, 2013). It is simply overwhelming to the user. Can I please strongly request the ability to specify which groups list their articles and which do not? That would give a great deal of flexibility and allow us to just list groups where appropriate.

A similar ability would help a second, related problem with group pages that list the articles contained in the group. Sometimes it is more appropriate to just list the article titles, rather than also including the first few lines of the article. We have a group of articles in which each article is simply a table of data. As a result the first few lines of the article displayed in the group page is just gibberish. In the old site design we had a nice compact list of articles (i.e. tables) on a single page, whereas with the new design, the user has to page through a number of pages to find the table, as the list of articles spills onto additional pages due to the display of the first few lines of gibberish. Can I please also request the ability to control the display of the first few lines on a per article or per group basis? This would allow us to just display a compact list of article titles where appropriate.

We have only just gotten started with Freshdesk, so this problem will grow bigger as we add more categories, groups and articles.

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Hey Rob, 

Thank you for writing to us in our Forums. 

Like Archana already said, our team is looking into the issues you have raised and we will get back to you once we have an update.

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Hi Rob,

You get complete control over which solutions, categories and posts you want to display with the layout customization options in FreshThemes. For example, here is a customization that looks just like the old design, and here is a more classy one that shows only select solutions on the home page. Note that you get layout level customization only on the Estate plan, but you can also use some crafty CSS to just hide the elements you don't want your customers to see (on the Garden Plan).

Hope that helps