AskAway is the most elegant way to show Questions and Answers in your Freshdesk support portal. The FreshTheme is a full-width, 2-column, black and white style layout and neatly displays answered questions vs unanswered questions in two separate piles. 

The FreshTheme is great as-is for any Q&A centric forums where community engagement and participation is high. You can also customize the theme to showcase other forum types (like taken up Feature Requests vs open Feature Requests, or answered Problems vs unanswered Problems)

You can preview the preview the AskAway FreshTheme here.

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I have two freshdesk accounts now, the one is from google chrome and its been paid for by my company but it doesn't have admin, social or reports, but my free trial does, my free trial also contains all the data I have recently added how to I connect to 2 separate accounts

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