Email Notifications not working from Freshdesk

 I have created a ticket on this; their email server appears to not be sending mail.

13 people have this problem

@Chris : The Ips getting listed on RBL blacklists is something that's out of our control but we do have monitoring systems that alert us as soon as an IP gets blocked. We would immediately request for delisting the IP and also route the emails through a different IP. 

The IP has been delisted from spamcop now. You can check the information here :



Verification emails and any other emails are not sending from freshdesk. Even our admin email has not been verified because the verification email was not received from freshdesk.

Kindly investigate and help out.

Same notifications all day.

It was working correctly yesterday.

This seems to be back

Same Issue

Indeed looks to be back - I started a new topic:

Hopefully to get a resolution soon.

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