Dispatch'r rules not working

Is anyone else finding that their Dispatch'r rules are not working?

Everything has been fine until the last hour or 2 and now no tickets are being processed by Dispatch'r.

 Their mail servers aren't working either, I wouldn't be surprised if dispatcher works on the back end through email routing..

That might well explain why I haven't had an email response for the ticket I put in about it.

Yeah.  Let's hope they work their dashboard, instead of emails :)


Got a response from Vijay:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.Our Mail service Provider - Sendgrid is facing some outage due to which mails that are to be delivered are delayed.Sendgrid Team is working on this and hope to get this issue resolved ASAP.
Due to this Email Notifications , Export reports are getting affected.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused.