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Is there anyway to disable the "Check Ticket Status" on the main page?  I'd like to remove this feature for users if possible.



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This seems simpler:

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I am wondering this as well?

Hey Ken & Joe,

Thank you for writing to us here.

As you would have probably heard, we recently rolled out our Full CSS customization, FreshThemes, that gives you full freedom to modify your portal in every which way you like. 

With this, you can definitely remove the "Check Ticket Status" from the main portal page and much more. 

Please go through this solution article for more details on how to use FreshThemes. 

Hope you find this useful.



Hey guys, 

I was just wondering if you figured out your way through CSS customization to remove the "Check Ticket Status". If not, here is the detailed steps on how to get it done.

  • Go to Admin>>Helpdesk RebrandingClick on "Customize Portal" seen on the top right
  • Choose the "Layout & Pages" tab
  • In the "Page Layout" section, remove all the text which is enclosed  between <!-- Search and page links for the page --> and <!--Notifocation Messages for the page  --> which is seen in orange. 
  • Now, copy the HTML content in the file I have attached here in the same space. 

Bingo!, hit preview and see the Check Ticket Status all hidden :) 

Please note that you can do this only if you are in the Estate plan. 

Let me know if it worked!



This seems simpler:

Worked like a charm, thanks.