Customizable 'New Ticket' Forms for different Customers

1) 'New Ticket' Forms needs to be customizable as per the project needs as a contractor might be dealing with multiple companies/ clients which may deal in different businesses altogether.

2) 'Ticket Fields' in New Ticket form should be linked to a specific Project as per its core requirement.

3) In case of multiple Customers configured in FreshDesk, then while submitting new ticket form there needs to be an option to prevent/ hide Project 'A' fields from Project 'B' and vice-versa.  This has to be customer specific.

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@Mateusz: As far as I know, this is definitely in the scheme of things for the year. I should be able to share more updates as and when we make some considerable progress w.r.t development. This and few other threads are being actively considered by our team and you'll see a lot more announcements going forward. 


@Aravind any news on this matter? I am curious to know what the solution will look like.

Your workaround doesn't enable us to set multiple forms for each portal. Also the dynamic fields such as type might need different type of subfields per product and from my understanding your workaround doesn't take that problem into account. The ideal solution would be to be able to create multiple forms per product/portal and these would also be mapped to the "Type" field, or alternatively One Form per Portal where the dynamic type fields are completely separated in each portal. This should be a basic feature that doesn't require a lot of extra coding. I would like to transfer administration one day to a colleague without having to remember/explain all the custom code that's hidden somewhere if this person just wants to add another field to a form.

We are testing Freshdesk and it seems to provide very well in most respects. It has some neat features that others don't have. However, the multiple product feature is really lacking so far. We are a company that work in different projects and want to have versatility to set up a separate portal for these projects and have multiple project-dependent forms for each of the projects. 

@Alex, Definitely in our plans but I don't have anything that I can show you, at the moment. I can help you set up the workaround to cater your need of having multiple forms per portal, also considering the dynamic fields. It is still code-heavy but definitely serves the purpose. 

I understand it would be easier if we have a no-code solution for this but right now, this can only be satisfied with customising the portal code. Let me know if you need further help in setting this up.


Hi Aravind, 

Thanks for your quick answer. Good to know that it is still possible to make this work. As of now, I am not in need for this but it is good to know you will be able to help me out in the future. Because I will definitely need it. I have one question you might be able to answer. I have used the line of code at the end of this comment on one of my portals to remove the "product" field from my product page. But now the product field also disappeared from my main page. I don't seem to be able to get the product field visible on my main page. Even after removing the line of code, it is still not visible. Do you know what I can do? The field is set as editable and required for customers.

<script type="text/javascript">

Hi - is there an update on this feature?  Based on previous comments from Freshdesk staff, it looks like it should be released very soon.

Any update on this feature?..

At least give us a hard ETA.

Your solution to add this code 

<script type="text/javascript"> jQuery("#ID").parent().parent().remove(); </script>

Is clumsy, and when there are 30 fields set up and one product only uses 5 that's a lot of code for something that should be relatively simple like adding a checkbox next to each field to add or remove from client view. 

In the meantime why not give the container an ID so at least we are not having to write .parent().parent() each time?

Really looking forward to the promised fix for this.

I am also asking for an ETA on this.  I would hope that this would be implemented by now, since there are 3 pages worth spanning 7 years of MANY other individuals requesting this feature.  I unfortunately, STILL cannot find a way to do this outside of the workaround, which will NOT work for our company either.  I am not going to create custom ticket forms, adding the specific fields I need, and hide the ones I do NOT need.  THat's VERY unproductive and tedious!

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