Parsing error? Cc'd email addresses get messed up when replying to ticket.

We've consistently noticed an issue with tickets submitted via email and containing cc'd recipients. If a customer submits a ticket via email and cc's someone using a specific email format, replying from within Freshdesk will create two separate cc'd recipients.

How to reproduce:

  1. Send a message to your Freshdesk monitored mailbox and enter the following text into the cc box:
    "User, Test" <>
  2. Hit the "Reply" button from within Freshdesk.
  3. --> You'll see two recipients in the cc box.

I've attached a screenshot.

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Hey Zach,

Thank you for writing to us here. 

We are aware of this issue and is trying to fix it now. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.




We had this bug fixed a long back . Sorry that we missed to update this thread with the information.