Scenario Automations Variables

It would be nice if when defining a scenario Automation you could put a "variable placeholder". So let's say I want to add a scenario automation for my subversion checkins so I click the scenario, i give a subversion revision number and the system adds a private note to my ticket saying "Subversion commit r123" where 123 is the number I dynamically gave it.


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Another related capability which would be useful is the ability to set an automation as "prompt" versus having to put a fixed value.  In the case above, a custom field for the commit number could be setup and marked as prompt and when the scenario is invoked, the prompt will be displayed.  If it was a field with predefined values, the prompt would be a drop list instead of a text box.
It would be useful for us to be able to create a scenario  "Update Service Type", which would take the service type as a parameter, that could be called via the API.



The Insert placeholders option is available for all the email actions in the scenario automations. You'd also be able to change the field values upon executing the scenario.



Could the insert Placeholders option also be added to other text fields/ multi text field, in scenario automations  ( like how it is possible for creating a child ticket, from a child ticket template?)

Hello Yvo!

At the moment we do not support placeholders for ticket fields in scenario automation. We would like to understand more on your requirement, hence we request you to drop an email to and we would be happy to help! 

Cheers. :)