Help Desk address automatically included in CC when replying to ticket

Sorry, this is hard to describe, but the address that's used to receive incoming mail to Freshdesk ( is always included in the CC line when replying to a customer.


This means that every time I reply, it creates a new ticket.


I've run through all the admin settings, and can't figure out where to turn this off-- how to I stop it from automatically filling that in?


This ticket was created by emailing to that address, fwiw.



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Actually, it looks like this ONLY happens when the ticket comes in from the email address. However, we're planning on having almost all our tickets come in that way, and we don't want to have the agent have to remember to kill the CC.

Hey Jim,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Forums.

What you can do to avoid this is the following :

First, Go to Admin>>Email Setup and configure a proper support email like rather than using as the primary support email. 

Secondly, go to the Customers tab and see if you have the support email saved as a contact. If yes, then delete it. 

Once you get this done, you shouldn't be facing such issues with every reply sent. 

Let me know if this worked. 


Unfortunatelly we have the same issue like Jim had

Although having set up a proper support mail address ( and not having this address in our contacts each reply to a ticket automatically fills the cc with the freshdesk mail-adress: 

How can I avoid this - as I don't want to show the freshdesk mail address to customers.



To go hand-in-hand with this feature, could tickets a user has been copied on be visible to them within their portal?



Hey William, 

I will mark your request as a "Feature Request" and see if we can address it in our future enhancements.



Any news on this topic?

I just signed up our company and this is really the first thing that strikes me.

Hey Guys,

We had a similar issue, it was caused by our forwarding rules set up on our email server.

How are you directing mail to Freshdesk?



Any news on this topic? We are using google apps an forwarding all our mails from there to Freshdesk. When a user sends a mail to a alias of our support mail ( or instead of Freshdesk includes this mailadress as cc in the reply. At the moment we have to the delete this mailadress on each reply. Is there a way to avoid this?


I too am getting this exact issue. Is it a forwarding or FD issue?

Hi Guys

Yes, if the Email Forwarding is incorrect, this will happen.

To give you the Apt answer, if you've setup a Forwarding in your Support mailbox, which doesn't exists in Admin > Email setup in Freshdesk, then that extra mail will keep coming up in CC section. So please correct the forwarding rule



I am forwarding emails from to When I reply to a ticket, appears in the CC section. I didn't understand the solution given above to fix this - how do I correct the forwarding rule?


Hi Oliver.

1) Navigate to Admin > Support Channels > Email > New Support Email

2) Enter your support email ( in this case  ). Note: DO NOT USE your production support address for testing as Freshdesk sends by default a number of automated emails back to the sender, including the one when a ticket is created. Use a disposable, but already existing, email address like for testing:
  • Your support email:

3) Notice the automatically generated value for the forward-to address ( in this case ). You can't change that email but do not worry because nobody will see it.
  • Forward your emails to:

4) [ Save ]

5) [ Send activation ]

6) In you mail client locate the activation email sent to by Freshdesk and follow the web link it provides to verify that you do have access to this email address.

7) Arrange for emails received at to be forwarded to

8) Test by sending an email to and looking what you get at the Freshdesk side. Preferably, send this email from a third-party address ( maybe a Gmail or Yahoo address ).

9) Setup an SPF record for emails that list your domain in the sender address as per This tells the world that you have givven permission to Freshdesk to send emails on your behalf ( ie with as the sender ). You will need to ask the party that administers your DNS to add this record and this is a change that make take some time to take effect.

10) Continue testing by replying to the above ticket, from within your Freshdesk, using as the 'From:' address. See if you receive that reply on the other side and if appears as the 'From:' address ( probably with some indication like 'via' )

11) Finish testing by replying to you Freshdesk reply and watching what you get in Freshdesk.

 Can someone please help - the pop is missing the button to create the card... i.e. the Green button: Send to Inbox on My Tasks


@Adam : Can you please elaborate on the issue? Perhaps adding a screenshot will help us understand the issue better.


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