Cannot paste using Opera browser

We are unable to paste data using Opera browser. About half our staff uses Opera browser, but we all have to switch to IE just to use your product. Given that Opera is 100% standards compliant, what method are you using that isn't compliant? Do you have any plans in the future to make your software compatible with browsers other than IE?

Hey Sven,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our Forums.

If you ask me, I would recommend you to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as we are most compatible with these browsers. I know that we have quite a few problems running with Opera and IE. 

We will definitely see if we can solve it soon for you. 

In the meanwhile, please switch to Chrome or Firefox.

Keep writing to us here.



I'm actually not looking for a workaround. I'd much rather have a fix.But given that I first asked you to support Opera over three months ago (and was told you were working on a solution then), it's clear there won't be any fix.

I'm not going to stop using Opera just to use your product. I am however, going to keep using Opera browser, and stop using your product.

And you know what really clinches it? What really makes it all ridiculous that you are telling me to not use Opera? I'm writing this post, using Opera! So what's the problem?

Looks like it doesn't work on Safari either. Considering that iOS defaults to Safari that might be a bigger impact than you anticipate.


First,my apologies for the lack of updates on this thread. I would like to let you know that Freshdesk ,in general,is compatible with recent versions of majority of the browsers. This particular issue with opera is no longer valid and the copy-paste works just as expected. 


I am using Mozzila and I am unable to paste inside my replies.
Looks completely the same as the above mentioned problem.
Please, help.


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