Bad formatting when replying to email

When I reply to a customer's email, the formatting in the reply box is very odd.

The formatting is as follows:

One blank line

Customer name

Three blank lines

Ticket number

Three blank lines

My signature

So whenever I reply to a ticket, I have to spend time erasing those extraneous lines. 

And for some reason, my signature is of a special text type, because I can't use my arrow keys to navigate above it. I have to use my mouse. I can arrow down, but not up.

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Hi Sven

Sorry for the trouble.

Does this happen on specific browsers or all ? Never happened to us in Chrome or Firefox ? Are you using IE or so ?

Do let us know, if possible some screencast or screenshot would be helpful to troubleshoot



It happens with Opera browser, IE8, and IE9, and Safari. Screen shot attached.


We've raised this with Redactor Team and they will look into this issue and based on their Priority, they will be addressing this.

I cannot give any ETA for now.



Hi Sven

BTW, kindly provide us with your Freshdesk Account, so we can check some logs too.

Would be helpful to look into this issue and see if we can make some changes on our end too


We seem to be having similar issues with extra "<br>" tags when we customize email templates, and have logged a ticket.

Any update on this?


This has been fixed and even in Opera too

I checked this in Opera now and didn't find the extra line breaks.

BTW, Sven it would be helpful to get your Freshdesk account info too


Screenshot attached in Opera



i am also having an issue using firefox 24.0 replying to emails. we have to manually to every reply arrow down a line line or 2 to respond to each ticket. when will this be fixed in the reply template?


Multiple line breaks are still appearing between a reply and the insertion of an agent's  signature line. This means that every time our agents reply,they must first delete the white space. I am using Chrome. I thought this was corrected.

I have the same problem as well. I use Firefox.


I am having the same problems.  It started when I removed the message and uses copy and paste (on my Windows box) to duplicate another message.  I cannot eliminate it now.  (I will be opening a ticket on this as well.)



We've vastly improved the copy-paste functionality of the editor and also we've made some enhancement with respect to adding the attachments on the replies . Should you notice any issues with the editor, please drop us a note here and we'll act on it immediately.


Add the possibility to edit code, by the way it is possible to made some manual correction.


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