Ticket Sorting

When trying to sort tickets by Ascending or Descending by date, the system will revert back to the original sorting after a ticket is responded to causing me to have to do the sort each time after I answer a ticket.

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And if you could put more filters in on how to sort by - like sort by last replier and who the replier is. But make the sort order stick.
NIcole, I think they have the last replier in there, unless you mean you don't want the "new" tickets included in it and are only looking for replies?  It is the the "Last Modified" option, but that includes all tickets.  Like you said though the sort does not stick.
It would also be nice to be able to store the selected sort option in the saved view
Hi Jamie/Nicole

I will check the sort issue and update you. Although the Sort Method - Last Modified, Created etc is set in cookies, I will check the sorting order and update all

This is quite a problem. I like to respond to tickets based on creation date in ascending order but it always reverts back to default sorting after replying to a ticket. Please do work on this bug!
Hi Guys

One more week.

We've identified a fix and we will be releasing a new way to fix this problem. Also, some cool new features :)

One more week :)