Change default behaviour of Reply button to NOT Reply All


Just wondering if this is possible to change - I had a good look and can't see the setting anywhere. 

We'd like to adjust the default behaviour of the Reply button, so it replies only to the requester and not everyone CC'd in. 

This is because we sometimes get blanket emails that have CCd in our competitors, and don't want to accidentally CC them in the reply. 

Hope someone can help,



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Hi Cat

Once you REPLY, if you HIT the REMOVE CC button, it will Toggle Off the CC option completely and no one will be CCd for the REPLY

I am suggesting this because we don't have a REPLY / REPLY ALL option, but your feedback is welcome and we will try to bring this up, in our future updates with prior feedback from users and suggestions



Please add a Reply All option as mentioned above. The options would then be Reply / Reply All / Forward / Add Note.  This behavior is more like the user behavior in email and will prevent Freshdesk users from accidentally cc'ing competitors that weren't removed.

Hi Everyone, 


The app suggested by Thanos works like a charm and no doubt when I say, this will definitely be helpful for many such users. Kudos to Thanos for your efforts.