Ticket Reminders & Escalations

Customers can use this method to set up Reminders or Escalations in Freshdesk using Supervisor

We ourselves use the method below in our Support team

Complete info available in our Screenr below.

  • Create 3 Custom Fields in Admin -> Ticket Fields with Drop down values - Awaiting Response Email Sent, Escalation Sent & Second Escalation       sent with values as in screenshots




  • Now, Go to Admin -> Dispatch'r and include these values to be NO by default

  • Whenever a New Ticket is created, Dispatch'r will set these values to NO by default

  • Go to Admin -> Supervisor and create a First Escalation Rule as in Screenshot.

  • Create another Supervisor rule for 7 days escalation Email

  • Now, according to the Rule configured, whenever a New Ticket is created, these values for Escalation will be set as NO.

  • Once the Agent replies back, the Ticket will be moved to Awaiting Customer Response with the First Escalation & Second Escalation set as NO.

  • Supervisor will trigger the 48 Hrs rule and Send the First Escalation Email and set this corresponding value to YES as in Action

  • Supervisor will then trigger the 7 days rule, according to the days and trigger the actions accordingly

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Now , we have an out of the box solution to setup the SLA reminders . Here's a self-help article that walks you through the process of setting up the reminders.

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