Add support for work shifts in the admin "Business Hours"

Our support staff works a split shift. So the current implementation of business hours doesn't work for us. We need the ability to specify shifts, not just business hours. Without this our SLAs will be impacted considerably.

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Hi Luke

Nice of you to raise this feature.

We have plans to bring this in our future releases, but I cannot give a time frame on this.

Will keep posted in this forums.





Shift management has been quite a popular ask across the community and we do have plans around this - Agent Shift Management. I'll revisit this post once we have some considerable developments on this regard.


A way to deal with this is by creating one group per shift. Example with 3 shifts:

1) TechSup - 1st Shift
2) TechSup - 2nd Shift
3) TechSup - 3rd Shift

Each of these groups has their own business hours and SLA

- In Admin > Email deliver ( or what your email address is ) to group 'TechSup - 1st Shift'

- In Admin > Dispatch'r add a rule:
[Match ALL of the below]
[Ticket Fields] [Group] [is] [TechSup - 1st Shift]
[Ticket Fields] [Created] [during] [Business Hours] [TechSup - 2nd Shift]
[Assign to Group] [TechSup - 2nd Shift]

- In Admin > Dispatch'r add a rule:
[Match ALL of the below]
[Ticket Fields] [Group] [is] [TechSup - 1st Shift]
[Ticket Fields] [Created] [during] [Business Hours] [TechSup - 3rd Shift]
[Assign to Group] [TechSup - 3rd Shift]

Now you have new tickets assigned to the right shift. All tickets will be answered with as sender.

any update about this feature.. is frustrating not having such one  

Any update on the shift management feature? @Thanos, it works for ticket assignment purpose but if any ticket is reopened by customer reply outside shift time then does not auto reassign it to the person currently working.


This feature is work in progress and we would make sure to notify everyone once the feature is released. 



any update on this Feature yet?

Thank you!

Hello Levgeniia,

We do not have any updates at the moment but we would make sure to make some noise when this feature is made available. Please watch out our release notes to stay updated on the new features/enhancements in Freshdesk.