Customer Satisfaction Rating - Your Mojo

When the job is closed the current practice is to offer the following button options.
[Close this Ticket]   [Add a Note]

The alternative would be the following buttons:   
[Not Good]    [Did the Job]    [Well Done]    [Add a Note] 

This would then be added up to give a satsifaction score against an agent.
Mojohelpdesk does this system and each agent ends up with a MOJO number which is there rating on service.   

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Hi Steve

Yes this is planned and we are working towards this option, I am unable to give an ETA or the method we are implementing this, but somewhat similar with Agent Scorecard and customer rating is what we have in mind

Is there an estimated date for this feature?
Hi Matt

Yes, we have completed most of the survey/Agent Rating feature and we will bring this out in a few weeks time



Customer satisfaction surveys are now available in Freshdesk. You can visit this section to know more about setting up customer satisfaction surveys.



Thank you for the content you have provided This is the solution I have been looking for, hopefully it will help many people.

Hi Callum,

We are glad the Customer satisfaction survey feature is helpful.