Attachments sent in via e-mail not mentioned in resultant notification e-mails

I’ve been briefly testing various parts of the system and the only real deal breaker I’ve found so far is that files attached to an e-mail message don’t seem to be acknowledged anywhere in the notification e-mails that are sent out to various parties after a ticket has been updated. Maybe I’ve just got something in my notifications set up wrong, but when I attach and send via the web interface the file actually comes through as an attachment on the e-mail. If I attach that same file to an e-mail response and send it in, the file doesn’t get attached to any notification e-mails (but the attachment IS recognized and added to the ticket when viewed via the web).

Sorry, kind of confusing to explain without seeing it in action for yourself. Again, could be something I’m doing wrong but I’m not sure…

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Hi Denny

Did you receive my emails about this feature ? We have made some enhancements with respect to Notification on Attachments.

Kindly let us know if you have any feedback.

Thanks and regards