Add "End Time" to "View Time Entries" API

Your API for viewing time entries allows you to specify a Start Date, but not an End Date. This is bizarre. The API is useful for when I want to retrieve something relatively recent, but not helpful at all when I want to retrieve an older entry, because it means I have to retrieve every entry from the older date until now, which can make the API call very slow. Can't you add End Date as an option as well? Thanks!

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It's been 3 months since I submitted this request... any response?

I submitted this request over half a year ago now, and still haven't heard any response saying yea or nay. Does your team read these Feature Requests at all?

Hi Gorden, 

We are very very sorry for not responding to your post for such a long time. Going forward, I assure you that you won't see a tardy response again. 

The API for viewing time entries now allows you to specify the start date and the end date  


Let me know if we can help you with anything else. My apologies again for the very delayed response.



Samyuktha, YOU ROCK!!! Thank you! :)

Will you update the documentation accordingly.

I refer to this.

Please review all the REST API doc and get all the updates in there!


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