Release Notes - March 2014

31st March 2014

New Feature Updates

  • Date Format for the Helpdesk - Now have a fixed date format across your helpdesk by setting it up from Admin>>Helpdesk Rebranding.

  • Mark Specific Forum Topics as SPAM - The agents can choose to mark a particular forum topic as SPAM. It will be automatically moved to the SPAM folder within the Forum section and can also be reviewed later.

  • Enable/Disable Ticket ID in the agent replies - You can now opt to include the ticket ID on the subject line for the agent replies. This can be controlled from the Email Setup page.

  • Freshchat Implementation within your Support Portal - Easily embed Freshchat into your suppot portal from the Chat Settings page. This is available for our Garden users as well.

  • New Fields in the Ticket Export - You can find two new fields, namely, “Resolved Status” and “First Response Status” in the ticket export. This will be giving you an idea about the SLA compliance for the first response and resolution of the ticket. 

  • New and Improved Search UI - This would be the biggest release of this week. The new search is cleaner, faster and more efficient. Search with more context as results can now be filtered into “Tickets”, “Solutions”, “Forums”, “Customers” or “All Results”.

The results can also be sorted based on the “Relevance” in addition to “Date Created” and “Last Modified”.

17th March 2014

New Feature Updates

  • Multiple Solution Categories for sub-portals - From now on, you can associate more than one solution category for every multiple product you add. 

  • Portal preview for agents on Solutions and Forums - See how a solution article of forum post looks on the customer portal with the “View on Portal” option.

  Also, there is an option on the Customer Portal for the agents to “Edit” the article and “View On Helpdesk”.

  • SPAM Filtering on the Forums - From now on, whenever an end user creates a new topic or writes on an existing post, Freshdesk will do an automatic SPAM check. The post(new topic/reply) has to pass this test in order to get published. Whenever there is a topic/reply marked as SPAM on your helpdesk, there will be a SPAM folder within the Forums tab, as shown in the picture below. This will be accessible to agents who has the permission to delete the forum topics.


This folder will have all the topics and replies that have been marked as SPAM. There is also an “Approve and Publish” to mark a topic/reply as Not SPAM.

Now, to clear out everything present in here, there is an “Empty Folder” option.

 Bug Fixes List

  • Changing Requestor for Freshfone Tickets - The Requestor field can now be edited for tickets created via Freshfone from More>>Edit option.

10th March 2014 

 New Feature Updates

  • Freshchat is now enabled by default for all the new account signups in the Garden and Estate plan.
  • Freshchat can be Enabled/Disabled with the help of a toggle button from Admin->Freshchat

 Bug Fixes List

  • Hitting Enter on New Ticket Form - This used to take up the “Save and Close” option. We have now fixed it to take “Save” upon hitting Enter on the New Ticket Form.

  • Attachment file format changes upon downloading - We were facing an issue where certain files were turning into a different format upon download. This has been fixed and all attachments will download in the proper format.

  • Issues with Contact Import - There were issues involved in the contact import which caused the import process to freeze. This wouldn’t be happening from now on.