Contract management and expiry notifications

Most of us has contracts with 3rd parties providers, Like: domain names, ssl certificates, rental equipment, software subscriptions etc. Would be nice to have a management solution which also include reminders/notifications to renew before those are expired.

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I don't see this in my FreshService. Do we have to do something to have it added?


Hi Bethany,

 Contract Management is available in Estate plan only. Please signup for another trial account to see the feature 



Work has already started on Contract Management. It should be out in 8-10 weeks. 

Any update on 'when' these additional modules might be added - this is a pretty big deal for me.

Contract management modules are coming soon to Freshservice. I will update you soon!

Protip: Right now, software and hardware expiry notifications are automatically raised as tickets. :)


 Contract Management is available now. Please see CMDB --> Contracts . Let us know your thoughts



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