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We are currently changing service desks and came across FreshService and FreshDesk. We will need FreshService as it has the asset management feature included however there are features in FreshDesk we would like to see in FreshService - I am surprised they are not already.

Just wondering is there any chance these may be added in future?

Customers instead of Departments (mainly associating domain names to different customers).

Integrated Live Chat
Integrated Phone Support

Adding any other fields to do with customers e.g. Customer A may have 3 different sites, if we could record each site that would be most useful.

Can we customise the ticket screen to include the Department?

Can we filter the Asset Screen to Departments (I know there is a search option but that isn't as ideal as a filter option would be)

Mass import of assets using the API?

Other than that, its an awesome product!!


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Any news on this feature? We desperately need the possibility to identify users per department/site/location/country

Any news on this? We really need the option from Freshdesk in having different customers in Freshservice exactly like it works in Freshdesk today

I was told a month ago that the MSP plug in would be available in January 2015. Is this date confirmed? We are waiting for this on the basis that we will have to change providers if this does not become available.

Is there an update or confirmed approximate time on this as we would be very interested as well

The MSP option indeed went out earlier this month. You can change to MSP edition in Admin -> Accounts -> Switch to MSP. 


What should we be aware of when switching to MSP? Is there something that has to be changed elsewhere in the system to reflect it? 

Hi Frederik,

There is nothing in specific to be aware of. But there is bound to be loss in data when switching from MSP to the regular edition. But I guess one wouldn't be switching back and forth.

Nothing needs to be done apart from switching it on in Admin -> Accounts. 


Hi, I'm not able to find the switching to MSP, at least I cannot find the option.

I suppose it's a new feature and may not be rolled out yet for everyone, can you confirm? Thanks.

We just activated the MSP plugin, but we still got departments and not customers?

Does the Sprout plan have this option available, as I don't see it?

Departments are still called departments in the MSP version. I don't mind this.

I don't really see anything changed.. Departments are still called departments, and it is still not possible to assign a ticket to a department (customer) based on the email domain. Will this be changed? It is not optimal for us to have 100 dispatch'r rules just to assign departments based on email address.

One of the major addition if you switch to MSP version is the Multi Portal. Apart from this, we have also brought in some integrations as a result of feedback from MSPs.

Yes. Departments are still called departments - this will be updated in one of our next weekend releases. 

Frederik, when you create a new department and assign it to the correct department (Under Multi portal), it will autoamtically assign the ticket to the department. It's available under Admin -> Multi portal. Do check it out. 

Michael, this is not supported in the sprout plan.

Hi Narain,

We are not quite interested in making a portal per customer, since we would then have to create 100 portals.. And since basically all our tickets are coming in through email or phone it would not make a difference either. Therefore it would be nice to have the domain-association with a department as in freshdesk.



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