Release Notes - 12th April 2014

New Feature Updates 

  • Freshdesk for iOS - We have released our much awaited iOS app for Freshdesk. Check it out on the AppStore and do drop in your feedback. 

  • Customize chat non-availability message - Customize the message shown to the users in case of agents being unavailable to take the chat. This can be done from Admin>>Freshchat settings page. 

  • Business hours added in chat settings -  Now, set the time your agents will be shown online and available to take chats. The chat window will appear on your website only during the business hours set. 

  • Forum activity in the Contact Page - In addition to the tickets submitted by a specific contact, you can now view the list of forum topics created by them as well.

  • “Any Value” option in the automations - From now on, you can choose “Any Value” for the nested fields, in the automations.

Fantastic news! Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Anna, is there a roadmap that shows what features are planned for upcoming releases, and the schedule of these releases?