Freshdesk - What's new in Freshdesk?

This is a list of features that have been added to Freshdesk since the GA release. We will update this list as new features get added. You can check back here to see what's new.

  • Ability to export data out of Freshdesk
  • Ability to import from Zendesk
  • An email forwarded to the helpdesk by an agent gets created as a ticket with the original requestor
  • Remote Authentication and Single Sign On
  • Manual Edit for Due by date and time
  • Access restrictions for solutions and Forums - Anyone, Logged in users or Agents
  • Rich text editor for forums
  • Support for multiple customizable portals
  • CC support in tickets
  • Link back URL for Logo


23 July 2011 - We are glad to announce another Update with new features in Freshdesk.

  • Merge and Split for Tickets.
  • Canned Response
  • Choice of Billing -Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Annually

8 August 2011 - This update of Freshdesk includes these new features

  • Supervisor - Supervisor performs an hourly check on existing tickets and takes automatic actions based on certain conditions.
  • Agent Ticket Summary Report
  • Group Ticket Summary Report


27 August 2011 - New Features in this update.


  • Twitter Integration- Convert your customer's Tweets/Mentions/Direct Messages about your product/brand or service as Tickets.Reply to the Tweets from Freshdesk and they will be added as conversation.
  • Allow a user to be able to access all the tickets from their organization.
  • Sign up option- You can allow users to Sign up for an account in your Support portal.
  • Login using Twitter- You can allow your users to login using their Twitter credentials.(Google is already available)
  • Customer Portal Enhancements- Enable/Disable Login using Google/Twitter and Sign up links.


3 October 2011 - New Features and fixes in this update.

  • Custom Views for Tickets - Options to create custom views based on Ticket Fields and saving the views for Agent,Group or All Agents.
  • Suggest Solutions - If no solution is shown,option to search for the solution from same tickets view page and insert the solution
  • Print Ticket - Option for printing the ticket data including Ticket Fields.
  • HTML Editor - HTML Editor support in Tickets page and Canned Responses
  • Reports - Option to select a timeline in reports.
  • Ability to move solutions to different folders - Option to move one solution article to another folder.
  • Custom Field Editing - Option to edit "Ticket Type" field


21 October 2011 - New features and fixes in this update.


  • BCC support
  • Send Email and resolve the Ticket - Ability to resolve a ticket at time of reply
  • Send notification between Agents - When adding a private or public note, option to notify specific/All agents.


4 November 2011 - New features and fixes in this update.


  • Facebook Integration - Convert your Facebook Wall posts into Tickets - Option to include User posts and Company Posts.
  • Custom View Enhancements - Customer filter added. Now, you can filter tickets based on customers
  • Custom Reports export - Create your own Custom View filter and export them as report in CSV format.Reports can be generated based on timeline.
  • Marker to notify reply from users - No need to filter for latest reply from users.Any ticket with reply from user will be marked BOLD with a Blue Indicator.



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Update - 12 November 2011


  • No more browser based language settings - Admins/Users can set languages from Admin -->> Helpdesk Rebranding and User Profile pages.No need to change browser language settings.
  • Multi Language support added - Admins can configure Language for entire Helpdesk or Users can configure their own language.Default support for French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish,Polish,Portuguese(Portugal/Brazil). (Multiple language is available only in Premium plan) - Existing Basic and Pro Plan users please contact us if you need assistance with Multiple Language support.
  • Existing Users - You may notice your Language settings are back to English. Please go to Admin -->> Helpdesk Rebranding and select the Language


Admin -->> Helpdesk Rebranding Section.

Admin config.png




User Profile Page


end user.png

Update - 10 December 2011

  • Email Thread view  - Agents/Users can toggle between the views from previous conversation.
  • Feedback Widget enhancement - Widget can be customized with your own feedback messages.
  • SSL support for Feedback Widget 
  • Finnish Translation - Freshdesk is now available in Finnish language
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 - RequesterEmail will be automatically set, when forwarded from Outlook 2010.
  • HTML Editor Enhancement - Minor enhancements and fixes
  • Client Manager role enhancement - Client manager will be able to Add note and close the Tickets for other users.

7 January 2012


  • SSL - Option to Enable/Disable SSL in the helpdesk. Check out Admin -->> Security
  • Roles - Now, you can configure different roles for an Agent. Agent can either Access his own ticket, or his Groups, Global Ticket Access and much more. This can be managed from Admin -->> Agents -->> Edit Agent.
  • Re-ordering of Folders in Solutions and Forums
  • Inline Images enhancement - Emails sent with Inline images will be available with inline image in the tickets page.
  • Tickets page will show the "Resolved At" & "Closed At"
  • TAGS -  Tags added for solutions will be available in Search as well as Suggest Solutions.

Update - 21 January 2012

  • Portal based language settings - Each product/portal can be configured with its own Language
  • Save and close Ticket without notification - Ticket can be created and Closed without Notification to the requester
  • Fixed BCC - Option to specify a fixed BCC - Dropbox Email Address in Admin -->> Email Settings page.
  • SLA Resolution time - week and month included - Resolution Time for SLA can be set for 1 week, 2 weeks & 1 Month
  • Full Name for contacts on company view page - Company -->> Contact page will list Full Name of the contacts along with Avatars
  • Status will be changed to open when requester replies (pending included) - Any Ticket set as Pending will be moved to Open, when a requester replies.
  • Ticket index page will show "Last update on"  instead of "created at" - Ticket index page will show the "Last Updated" date & time instead of "Created at" date & Time
  • Bulk update for multiple tickets 
  • Mark as delete/spam actions in supervisor
  • Ticket fields & custom fields can be shown in Customer portal - Ticket Fields and Custom fields can now be exposed to end user in the Customer portal (Tickets page)

Update - 11 February 2012
  • Ticket-level time-tracking and customizable time-spent reports - Option to track time spent on a ticket/project. Agents can start/stop timer and track the time spent on ticket and generate reports (Billable & Non-billable reports) - Available in Blossom Plan
  • Harvest Integration - Integrate your Harvest App and update the Time Spent on a Customer project/Ticket from Freshdesk to Harvest (Available in Blossom Plan)
  • Freshbooks Integration - Integrate your Freshbooks account and update the Time Spent on a client project/Ticket from Freshdesk to Freshbooks (Available in Blossom Plan)
  • Gmail Gadgets integration - Push your customer email from your Gmail inbox to Freshdesk as Ticket.Once you map your Google Apps account to Freshdesk, this will be enabled in your Gmail Inbox.
  • Email Commands - Agents can now send replies to customers from their inbox along with Email Commands to change ticket properties. Like,status,Type,Priority and even custom ticket fields.Examples can be viewed from Admin -->> Email Commands Settings page.
  • Email to Knowledge Base solution - Agents can now send CC to and create a knowledge base article.This article will be created as Draft in the Default Category in Solutions folder. Agents can then manually change the Draft to Published mode and move the article to respective folders
  • Advanced reporting -Customer Activity reports,Helpdesk Activity report & Time sheet reports (Time Sheet Report in Blossom Plan) & (Enhanced Reporting in Garden Plan)
  • Activity Dashboard Enhancement - Dashboard will automatically show any new recent activity added in the Freshdesk portal.
  • Twitter Enhancement - Any User sending a DM to your Twitter handle, can be replied with a DM to the user.


Update - 31 March 2012

  • JIRA Integration - Track/Manage Bugs from Freshdesk to JIRA. More info here
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • New Ticket Created Email Notification - Option to select the Agent(s) & Alert them whenever a New ticket is created in Freshdesk portal
  • Reports Enhancements
  • Email Notification Subject - Option to change the Email notification subject
  • Forum Enhancements - Option to see who Votes on a feature/problem etc
  • Feedback Widget improvements
  • API Enhancements
  • CAPTCHA enhancements

Update - 26 May 2012

  • Nested Fields - Nested fields are useful when tickets need to be grouped by categories and subcategories, for example, an IT helpdesk can have requests that can be categorized as ‘hardware’ or ‘software’, and under ‘hardware’ there could be tickets about a ‘printer’ or a ‘mouse’. With Freshdesk, you can now have up to three levels of nesting in the form of Categories - Subcategories - Items. Click here for more info
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Satisfaction Surveys let you add a link to your response emails and directly collect customer feedback and satisfaction. You can choose to send survey links to customers in every email, or only in the the final email sent when the ticket is resolved.  Customers just need to click on the survey options to poll their feedback. Customers can also provide more detailed feedback in the feedback screen. Add all this to some great reports, and there you go. Click here for more info
  • Forwarding Emails - Now you can forward your tickets and responses to a third party you might be working with, all from within the product itself. This was a update a lot of people had been asking for and we are happy to be able to include it in this week’s update.
  • Private Notes - This update to the Notes feature now casts all your notes as private, so you can communicate with your fellow agents directly. Customers will never be able to see them, so you can exchange vital information during support cycles.
  • WorkflowMax Integration


  • Custom Status - Option to Create/Manage Custom Status for Tickets. SLA Timer can be enabled/disabled for Custom Statuses
  • HTML Email Notifications - We have introduced a New Light weight HTML Editor in EMail Notifications to Send HTML content in EMail notifications.

Freshdesk Update - 18th July 2012


Freshdesk had an update yesterday morning, and here’s the list of fixes and enhancements that went through

1. Opera Browser Fix

There was a hitch with the Opera browser in which the mail reply content was showing up blank on hitting ‘Reply’. We’ve fixed this now and Freshdesk is back to full functionality on Opera.

2. Satisfaction Survey Enhancements

As the hottest new feature that we’ve added, the satisfaction surveys are being enhanced with some great suggestions from our customers and some of our own ideas.

a) We’ve revamped the Admin settings, which now bear a cleaner, simpler look.
b) More options to choose from for the mails you send with Satisfaction Surveys.
c) Configurable text for the survey ratings.
d) Satisfaction Survey Placeholders in the configurable rules, including the Supervisor.

3. Contacts list enhancement

With the new enhanced contacts list, along with a new cleaner view, you can show all active and deleted contacts in separate lists, which allows you to perform bulk delete/bulk restore actions.

Freshdesk Update - 11 August 2012

  • Ticket List view - We've made enhancements to the Ticket list view with better visibility & usability
  • Ticket Sorting/Filters - Filters & Sort order will now be remembered and maintained.Agents can toggle from Tickets list view and move back to Tickets or any other page and the last selected view/filter will be retained
  • Color Coding for Ticket Priority - Low - Blue , Medium - Green , High - Yellow & Urgent - Red
  • Tickets Preview on Mouse over - Mouse over on the Tickets page will now show the latest reply in that ticket

  • Tickets Indicator - We have removed the BLUE DOT indicator and added words like New , Customer Responded,Overdue etc in the list view for better visibility and usability.

  • Modify Ticket properties in List view - Agents/Admins can modify the Ticket properties from the List view itself by clicking on the Property value

  • Personalize Ticket Replies with Agent Names - Now, your replies from Freshdesk can be sent with Agent Name <Support Email> format. Agent's Name will be added in the REPLY Email. You can enable this option from Admin -->> Email settings


  • Auto Suggest solutions during Ticket Creation - Before creating a Ticket, users will be suggested with Solution articles matching the Ticket Subject. This option must be enabled from Admin -->> Customer Portal section.

  • CC in New Ticket form - Now, users can Add CC to a person before creating a Ticket.This must be enabled from Admin -->> Ticket Fields. CC field can be limited to fill only Company Contacts or any Contact.

  • Agent Reply Template - Template will appear automatically for ALL agent replies, whenever they are responding to tickets. This can be added with Placeholders too.

  • Customer Portal Enhancement - End User portal has also been enhanced for better visibility and usability, along with Sort options.

  • Customer Portal Data Export - End Users can now export their data in CSV format from the Portal.


Update - 19 August 2012

  • Draft in Ticket replies - Replies will be automatically saved as a DRAFT in the Reply section (at 30 second intervals) 

  • Forwarding for each conversation - Any reply/conversation can be forwarded to external Email address.


  • Display Email Address in Conversations - We now show the Email address to whom Reply/Forward has been sent.
  • Company Level permissions in Forums & Solutions - You can create Solutions & Forums restricted to Company(ies). Contacts should be mapped properly to the Company from Customers -->> Contacts section.
  • Customer/Contact restrictions to Agents - Only Agents who have Global Access role in Admin -->> Agents section will be able to view CUSTOMERS Tab. Group Access and agents with ticket access will not be able to View/Manage Customers/Contact details.

A few bug fixes

Update - 12 September 2012

  • Close Ticket without notification - Agents can now close a Ticket, without sending a Ticket is closed notification. Use the Keyboard SHIFT Key and CLOSE button in Tickets page for this.
  • Ability to attach Screenshot from Feedback Widget
  • Merge Tickets will not send Ticket Closed Email Notification
  • Option to Trigger Password Reset for Agents - Admins/Account Admins can trigger Password Reset for Agents from their Profile pages.
  • New HTML Editor in Tickets - HTML Editor has been replaced with a light-weight HTML Editor for better performance and speed
  • Survey Feedback in Self-service Portal - Customers can submit Survey feedback from the Self-service Portal, Tickets page.
  • Navigation to Previous-Next Tickets from Tickets details page


Update - 6 October 2012

And a few bug fixes.

24 November 2012

  • Integration with Highrise CRM
  • Integration with Batchbooks CRM
  • Convert Agent to Customer

  • Bulk reply for Twitter & Facebook
  • Canned Response in Bulk Actions

  • MobiHelp SDK - Registerd users will be getting the SDK links via Mail. New Users can register here -
  • Time Sheet data via API
  • Forum Activity on Dashboard

A few bug fixes