NaN bug inside support widget header.

I have embedded the FreshDesk popup widget in my app. We specify the popup's header to be "Support Ticket", but when it appears, it says "Support TicketNaN". (screenshot attached).

 The code we use looks something like this (I've only included the javascript part):  

FreshWidget.init("",{"queryString": "&widgetType=popup&formTitle=Support+Ticket&submitThanks=Thanks&searchArea=no",
"widgetType": "popup",
						"formTitle": "Support Ticket",
						"buttonType": "text",
						"buttonText": "Support",
						"buttonColor": "white",
						"buttonBg": "#14CDEB",
						"alignment": "4",
						"offset": "650px",
						"submitThanks": "Thanks for submitting this support ticket, we will look into it as soon as we can",
						"formHeight": "550px",
"url": ""});


Somewhere a javascript error is occurring when it tries to calculate a number.

This NaN looks crappy. How can I hide it?

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Thank you for reaching out to us over here. 

Can you please pass me the URL where you have posted your widget so that I can check further on this?