Anyone having issues with FreshDesk's support?

We've just moved over to FreshDesk and have found their support is definitely lacking. 

For example, they said they'd import our tickets from by Tuesday and after following them up the Friday, they finally got back to us.

I've also got a simple API question that I have been waiting an answer for. I asked 2 weeks ago, followed up multiple times asking for a quick update and still nothing. How hard it is to send a quick email to tell the client they do not have an answer but are working on it?

Very disappointed. The software is fantastic, but the support is lacking. I understand growing business struggle to keep up and I'm fine with that. But when you ignore emails for days or weeks, I think there is a problem.

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Same here

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your time.

I can understand the frustration and we are to be blamed for this miscommunication.However this is an exception and not the norm.We never delay work and we promise to regain your trust with our Support

Hannah from your team is in touch with me on the Import and she has agreed to give a new import file with corrections and we will get the import done ASAP



As I write this I an listening to the ringing of there support phone in the background. It's a shame that such a great piece of software dealing with customer service has such poor customer service. What are the alternative options?

My experiences with FreshDesk don't match what is being reported here. I've always had quick, responsive help from the FreshDesk team from their support staff to their account team everyone I've spoken to has been super helpful. 

My issues have been very similar. I work in Community Management/User Experience Management and there are certain functions missing or systems not in place that would make general CM/UXM a lot easier and the pipeline smoother.
Anytime I have been in contact about such things, though, they've been taken with "Have you tried this absurd and time-consuming workaround that actually doesn't solve the problem as you stated it?" and have then had to repeat myself at least 2 more times to be understood that it is a missing function that does not have a proper workaround or workflow to substitute for it missing. It is frustrating, to say the least, and it becomes a major task and headache to reach out to them, knowing that this will happen everytime.

It makes me wonder what isn't getting reported to them because the support isn't very good.