Release Notes - 18th May 2014

New Feature Updates

  • Search in Admin Panel - If you go to your Admin panel, you will notice a whole new User Interface. You can now search for options and settings and easily navigate your way through.

           For instance, searching for “Customization” correctly takes me to the “Helpdesk Rebranding” section.

  • Mark agent unavailable for round robin upon log-out - Agents do not have to remember to turn off their Round Robin availability every time they log out from now. It gets automatically turned OFF once they log out. But remember, the agent needs to turn it back ON the next time he logs in. 

  • New design for Freshfone call alerts - More information like the number and the group being called now gets displayed on the call alert. Calls converted to tickets will also be routed to the right group, automatically.

Bug Fixes

  • Agent collision fixes - We have rolled out some major fixes towards the Agent Collision feature and is expecting to see considerable improvement.

  • Issue with certain audio file formats in Freshfone IVR - There was a small glitch in uploading certain audio file formats like .wav. This has now been addressed.

  • Freshchat bugs - Issues with sound notification and word wrapping in chat is now fixed.