Release Notes - 1st June 2014

New Feature Updates

Introducing IP Whitelisting and Custom Email Servers 

The two major features that we have launched this week is the IP Whitelisting feature and the Custom Email Servers.

  • IP Whitelisting - This would allow you to specify or restrict the IPs from where your agents/customers can access your helpdesk.

  • Custom Email Server - Now you can configure your own custom mailbox on your Freshdesk and have all your emails routed through that.

These two features are available on our newly launched plan “Forest”. Please check out our Pricing page for more details. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at for more details.

  • Integration with Shopify

  • Integration with Google Hangout - You can now initiate video calls, remote sessions and screen sharing right from within Freshdesk using the Google Hangout Integration. Please check out our blog for more information.

Bug fixes

  • Changes to “Last Interaction” condition in Observer - The “last interaction” condition will now refer to private notes as well in addition to public notes and replies.