Is it possible to switch back to the old agent's view of forums?

 I'm an agent at , in charge of replying to users' queries in the Amara help forum.

The new viewing of this forum by agents, with just the headings of the various boards, is sleek and no doubt great on a smartphone, but I preferred the former one, where you could see all the boards with their last topics at a lance. 

Is there a way I can switch back to that former viewing, except by loggin out before I view the forum?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Claude Almansi

Hi Claude,

I am glad that you find the new Forums layout sleek and accessible on a smartphone. Did you try the new moderation feature?

There is no way to roll back to the old view of forums. I understand that you manage an entire category with multiple forums under it. Could you elaborate a bit more on what convenience the older design gave you? I will definitely try to make something work for you.



Thank you for your quick reply, Pallavi.

I haven't tried your new moderation feature, but I believe the other agents who are in charge of replying to tickets may have. There's less spam on the forums, so for the time being, I prefer not to moderate, and then use the "mark as spam" feature if needed.

About the old view: you can - and I can when I'm not logged in - see something like it in : 4 boards, with 6 most recent topics shown for each, followed by a link to the other topics of the board.

In the old interface, when I was logged in as agent, I saw something similar, tough with different colors and the last topics by stricter chronological order, in or in

Now, when logged in, only gives me the links to the 4 boards, without any topics, and only a list of all recent topics, ordered chronologically. I just liked the old view that was like what users saw, but if there's no way to roll back to it, I'll just log out to view the topics, then log in to reply.




Hi Claude,

Let me suggest one more approach. You can go inside your forums to see a list of topics ordered chronologically. In this view, you can sort them according to popularity or filter the results to track the unimplemented idea or unanswered questions. However, I agree that you will have to go inside every forum for this info instead of seeing a summary in one page. I will keep your usecase in mind for future.

Do keep sending the feedback. We love it!