Release Notes - 7th June 2014

New Feature Updates

  • Check/Uncheck all fields in the Ticket Export - You can now select or deselect all fields while exporting tickets without having to go one by one.

  • Forum Revamp - If you take a look at the Forums section, you would notice a lot of changes on the UI and also a few new options. We have revamped our entire forums section and have mainly addressed three areas. 
  1. UI Revamp - When you go to your Forums tab, you now have a Dashboard like interface which lists down all the recent activities. You can switch between “All Activity” and “Your Topics Activity”, if you would like to have better context. Clicking on the menu on the side lists down the side panel to easily navigate between all the sections on your Forum. 
  2. Moderation Queue for better SPAM control - We have now improved our Forum intelligence to effectively manage the incoming content and control SPAM more efficiently. To know more about Forum Moderation and its settings, please read Forum Moderation and advanced spam protection.
  3. Follow options for 'Announcement' forums - Customers can now subscribe to the “Announcement” type forums, to stay updated on the new topics posted.