Having multiple agents working on the same ticket (one after the other)

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I'd like to use Freshdesk for QA testing of websites/elements of websites. Against this background, I would want to specify the test requirements in the ticket and then I'd want 3 agents to carry out the test; one after the other, without any one of them seeing the replies (with the test results) of the other agents. After 3 agents have carried out the test and replied to the ticket with their test result, the ticket should be considered as closed.

More requirements:

- I do not to assign tickets to a specific agent (and after completion to the next one) because of different (and variable) hours of availability of each agent.

- I do not want any agent to see the reply of other agents in order to avoid bias in the test results.

- Once agent A has replied with his test results, the ticket should no longer be available for him/her but every other tester should still be able to access and test it.

Is this possible with Freshdesk? I've been playing around with it for quite some time and managed to solve many (other) problems but I cannot find a solution for the above ones.

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Hi Kim

Thanks for the detailed info here with your requirement

Although your requirement is a bit complex, even implementing this in Freshdesk, using workaround/Freshplugs will be more complex.

Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer to this Question, because in Freshdesk, any Agents accessing a Ticket, will have access to all Notes and Reply, so making them invisible to other Agents is not possible directly, but we can do a Freshplug to achieve this.

But your other 2 requirements, Ticket HAS to be assigned to an Agent in Freshdesk, there is no way to go around it, unless you dont want to have Agent level Reporting etc.

At each level, Agents will have to assign the Ticket back to another Agent, using Scenario Automations or so. 

Your requirement is possible, but there needs to be a lot of customizations and would involve some Professional Services from our end

Maybe I can ask our Account Manager to get in touch with you and discuss further