Obtain list of custom views via API

Is it possible to have an additional API endpoint for custom views that lists all the custom views that are saved and allows views to be created / modified?

Currently in order to use the tickets API with a custom view, you need to know the view ID. If we are trying to provide some custom reporting the user needs to go and find the ID of the view they have created.

If we can get access to view / manipulate the custom views through the API this would enable an amazing level of functionality for building custom reporting.



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We have the same problem. All we need is a new API to obtain the list of pre-created custom views with ids. After that we can use the id to query the tickets via "/helpdesk/tickets/view/[view_id]?format=json" API.





We had specifically built the filter tickets API to facilitate users to obtain a list of tickets using pre-formatted filters. You don't have to remember the view ID anymore - pass on the filter value along with the API request!


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